Music Ministry

The vision of our Music Ministry is to produce music that creates opportunities.  Opportunities for our congregation to express their love and appreciation to God.  Opportunities for God to transform the hearts and minds of His children.  Opportunities for people to experience God in a fresh and unexpected way.    Opportunities to step into the healing and a life-changing glory of the living God.

Psalm 33:3 says, “Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully with a shout of joy.”  We believe in the power of a new song coming from a joyful heart.  We believe in the value of skillful performance and excellence, but only in the context of a sincere heart.  And yes – we believe in the value of “loud”!  Our Sunday gatherings are celebrations, and while there are plenty of intimate moments, there’s always the sense that God’s presence is the source of joy.

We define praise as the tangible expression of our heart’s affection and gratitude for God.  We’ve discovered that God honors various expressions of praise such as:

  • singing [Ps. 101:1]
  • clapping [Ps. 47:1]
  • shouting [Ps. 100:1]
  • dancing [Ps. 149:3]
  • raised hands [Ps. 134:2]
  • kneeling [Ps. 95:6]
  • leaping [Acts 3:8-9]

Of course, no matter how “biblical” an expression may be, if it’s not flowing from a heart of love, it’s worthless [1 Cor. 13:1 and Mt. 15:8].

On the practical side, our music has strong Gospel/R&B influences, as well as jazz and some pop.  There is a 4-piece band backing up a vocal ensemble.  These “ministers” embody a spirit of excellence, but more importantly, they serve with a passion for God’s presence.  Auditions can be arranged by contacting our office.