ADVANCE Youth Ministry

Advance is the departmental ministry of Salem Tabernacle that serves parents by teaching the youth (grades 7-12) of the church the relevance of the Gospel for their everyday lives. Our aim is to teach in accordance with the teachings of the church as a whole and to promote the Salem Tabernacle vision in a way that is both accessible and applicable to our kids.

The vision and the inspiration for the name of this ministry came from one very famous story found in Luke 2:41-52. In this story, the boy Jesus – 12 years old at the time – was left alone by His parents in the Temple for three days, because they assumed he was somewhere in their caravan. After searching for three days, they found Him in the Temple doing three things that are foundational for the lives of all young people:

He was sitting in the Temple.
He was listening and asking questions.
He was submissive to His parents.

Our desire is that the young people of Salem Tabernacle will cultivate a desire to learn about Christ in His House, become like Christ in discipleship and become empowered by Christ through a submissive lifestyle to their parents.

We understand that the nature of youth ministry calls for a dynamic, entertaining, enthusiastic ministry style. In order to strive for and maintain this elevated level of service to the parents and their teens. Advance has events sporadically.

If you would like more information about Advance and/or would like to talk with someone about it, please contact us