318 Men’s Ministry

We believe that God has ordained three great social institutions: the Family, the Church, and the State. We believe that one of the fundamental components that is required for each of these institutions to be successful is the presence of mature, Christ-like men. Subsequently, we believe that the problems and disappointments we currently endure in all three of these institutions can be traced back to the failure of men to be mature and Christ-like.

The 318 Men’s Ministry has been established to address this issue directly through fellowship and the study of the Scriptures. We usually get together for breakfast an they are truly significant, life-changing events – they have to be! Seriously…we cannot afford to slack off and hope for the best; we NEED to be transformed by the renewing of our minds!

You may be wondering, “Why 318?” That’s an excellent question! That number comes from a story in Genesis 14, in which Abram’s nephew Lot has been taken captive. Abram went and rescued Lot from his captors, but he didn’t do it alone: he brought 318 trained men with him. Many, if not all of us, have family members in need of rescue. Jesus, like Abram from the Genesis, is in the business of rescuing folks, and we have an opportunity to participate with him in this rescue mission. The vision and purpose of the 318 is to provide the training needed so that when Jesus calls our men to mission, we’re able to participate with him in this Kingdom work!

If you’re 18 or older (or 16 and have your parents permission!), please consider this your invitation to join us for some explicitly biblical and practical training!