First Fruit Offering

First fruit offering: On the 4th Sunday on January we will be participating in a “first fruit” offering where we offer God the first portion of our “Time / Talent / Treasure.” 

A. What is first portion?: First portion can be the income of our first hour, day, week, month, or whatever amount the Spirit impresses upon you to give. “Obeying is better than sacrifice.” Follow the Spirit and not obligation, guilt, fear or greed. 

B. How can we give?: Same as tithes and offerings. (This does not REPLACE tithes and offerings by the way. Lol). You can give online by clicking “give” on our website, at the altar on Sunday, in the offering box in the foyer or by mailing them in. 

C. What is the purpose?: The purpose of the first fruit offering is to remind our body, soul and Spirit, that material possessions are from the Lord and that if we don’t offer them, then they own us. This is a chance to release ourselves from “possessing” anything so that possessions don’t possess us. 

D. What if I don’t give?: My counsel is that we should follow the Spirit. There are some for whom giving will be a challenge and one that will produce fruit. There are some for whom not giving will be a challenge and one that will produce fruit. I trust the people of Salem to follow the Spirit the best they can. 

E. Where does the money go?: The money that Salem Tabernacle brings in all year goes to the ever continuing expenses of maintaining the ministry of the church, missions local and missions international, all the ministries that function within Salem Tabernacle, the needs of the church and the communities she serves and all the places the Salem leadership and Board of Directors feel the Spirit leads.