Life Transformation Groups

Life Transformation Groups is how Salem does ministry during the week. Prayer, discussion of our most recent message, and fellowship, all within one hour. We normally have a fall and spring session.

Questions For Sunday November 3rd

  1. Start with discussing the chart Pastor showed us. How did he say our devotional life + generosity = witnessing?
  2. Pastor told us the story of Zaccheus. The main characters were the crowd, Zaccheus, and Jesus. How was each one a witness? What can we learn about our witnessing from each one?
  3. Did you ever think of yourself or our church as a whale? What does this idea teach us about witnessing?
  4. Talk about this word Pastor gave us: We need to not be afraid of our darkness but rather open the door of our darkness so the light can be seen (witnessed). (refer to Rev. 12:10-11)

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