Life Transformation Groups

Life Transformation Groups is how Salem does ministry during the week. Prayer, discussion of our most recent message, and fellowship, all within one hour. Our spring 2019 session will run from April 28th – June 22nd.  Feel free to contact a host anytime during the session about possibly attending their group.


Life Transformation Group Questions for the week of May 12th

Jesus | The Hopeful Life

Psalm 23 & John 10:22-31

Pastor gave us a definition of dissonance to be: The space between what we know is true and what we actually see. Then he talked about two ways we can fill or respond to that space: with control or humble submission.

  1. What are the 4 ways (stones) he said we use to try to control what happens in that space?
  2. How did Mary deal with the space (dissonance) between where she knew her life and family should go and how it seemed to go the exact opposite direction?
  3. What did you learn about the dissonance in your own life? How can you best fill it?