What kind of church is Salem Tabernacle?

We are a non-denominational Christian church that embraces the richness of the Church’s history and tradition, yet does so in a fresh and contemporary way. Jesus Christ, as revealed in Holy Scripture, is the center and focus of our faith, not programs or politics. We are an ethnically and socially diverse expression of God’s family here in the Hudson Valley, knit together by a common Spirit, and hoping to share in life as God meant it to be!

What should I expect on Sunday morning?

Salem Tabernacle was establish in 1951 as a Pentecostal church and we still embrace the moving of the Spirit in our gatherings, so they tend to be loud and joyful, with lots of singing and clapping – our worship truly is a celebration! Aside from the occasional holiday, our folks dress casually…it really is a “come as you are” house of worship. Our worship represents a convergence of ancient-future, traditional-contemporary. Song lyrics are projected on the big screen, colorful lights create a celebratory atmosphere, and the music is passionate. However, we also incorporate a lectionary reading, confession of the Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, and a celebration of the Eucharist (each Sunday!). Worship at Salem is a beautiful juxtaposition of the best of our Pentecostal heritage alongside the rich history of the broader Church – we embrace the Spirit and the Sacraments!

The one thing we didn’t mention yet is the offering (i.e. the collection). For more than a decade now, we have stopped “passing the plate” on Sunday mornings. Our members reverently bring their tithes forward to the altar, kneeling in worship, often as families, during the praise and worship celebration. Their offerings of thanksgiving and for mission are placed in the offering box in the lobby. Our guests are asked not to give! You are our guests and we want you simply enjoy the beauty of God’s Presence and his People.

We love children here at Salem Tabernacle and offer a full range of ministry, during the entire service, for kids from birth through fifth grade. Simply head to the lower level and follow the signs – your kids will have a blast and learn about the Savior in a fun, safe environment led by our first-rate staff! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to stop by the Information Center in the lobby and ask.

What’s with “Salem”?

This has nothing to do with witch trials, we promise. “Salem” is the original name of the city of Jerusalem, which points to the great city we see coming down from heaven in the final chapters of the Bible. It was the home of the great Priest-King Melchizedek, who not only blessed Abraham and fed him with bread and wine, but also points to the great Priest-King of the Church, Jesus. Finally, it is related to the Hebrew word shalom which is often translated peace, but is probably best understood as “the state of fulfillment which is the result of God’s presence.” We believe that this is the “abundant life” Jesus spoke of in the Gospels and we believe it is breaking in on our world now.

What times are your services

Our weekly services are at 10:00AM. Check out our calendar for upcoming events.

What do you believe?

  • We believe the Bible to be the voices of many who have come before us, inspired by God and still speaking to us today.  God calls us to immerse ourselves in this authoritative narrative and to continue to faithfully live out that story today as we are led by His Spirit.
  • God, the author of all things good, created humans in His image to live in fellowship with Him, others, our inner self, and creation.  God is in a communal relationship with Himself and His creation and He created us to be relational as well.  Sin entered the world and our relationships with God, others, ourselves, and creation were broken and distorted.
  • We believe that God did not abandon His creation to destruction and decay, rather He promised to restore this broken world.  God chose a people to represent Him in the world, starting with Abraham and his descendants.  God promised to make them into a mighty nation.  Through slavery and oppression, through deliverance and miracles, God brought His people into the Promised Land.  They were blessed to be a blessing and called to put God on display to the nations, yet they disobeyed and allowed foreign gods into the land.  In Israel’s disobedience they became indifferent, and in turn irrelevant, to the purposes to which God had called them.  They were sent into exile, yet a remnant looked ahead with longing and hope to a new reign, much like David’s, where peace and justice would prevail.
  • We believe these longings found their fulfillment in Messiah Jesus, born of a virgin, mysteriously God in the flesh.  Jesus came to preach good news to the poor, to bind up the broken hearted and set captives free.  He lived a perfect life, proclaiming the arrival of the Kingdom.  He was rejected by many, crucified, buried, and rose again.  His death and resurrection bring hope to all creation.  Through Jesus we have been forgiven and God is reconciling us to Himself, each other, ourselves, and creation.  Jesus is the only mediator between God and mankind.  For all who accept His sacrifice He gives the Holy Spirit, who leads us into all truth through a communal life of worship and a missional expression of our faith.  The church is called to put the resurrected Christ, who lives in and through us, on display to a broken and hurting world.
  • We believe the day is coming when Jesus will return and reclaim this world, the earth’s groaning will cease and God will dwell with us in a new and restored creation.