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Worship Gathering

Salem Tabernacle is a Christian church that is filled with an incredibly diverse group of people who are discovering that Jesus is, in fact, able to open up this full life to us: life as God meant it to be!

It’s so easy for life to become incredibly complicated.  The demands of work and relationships have a tendency to wear us down, and often expose the fact that we don’t have everything figured out. In John’s gospel Jesus Christ said that his purpose was to give us “life in all its fullness.”

We are comprised of people from all walks of life—young and old, wealthy and struggling, black and white. Our common bond is the love and devotion we share for Christ because he first loved us. Our common goal is the manifestation of his Kingdom in the earth as we worship and serve together. Our corporate worship celebrates the freedom and expressiveness of our Pentecostal roots but combines this with a rigorous commitment to the orthodox Christian faith. We do embrace the manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit but also align ourselves with the historic creeds of the Church. We are a people who are passionate about both personal experience and diligent study. Our namesake, Salem, was a culture in which “opposites” came together: her priest Melchizedek was also her king! And so it is our prayer that at Salem Tabernacle you will encounter this broad and deep fullness of God in our Priest and King, Jesus!